living Word red stole
Fishers of men green stole
Streams of living water white stole
Crown of thorns purple stole

These are a series of stoles I designed and made for a special friend for her ordination. Much prayer and love went into each of them. I would be delighted to work with anyone else to achieve something equally personal again. Choosing and interpreting scriptures into designs and then into thread and fabric to make something as refined or flamboyant as required!

Stoles can be made up in silk, which is drycleanable, or worked onto polyester which can then be handwashed. A special feature is the lining which is slightly set back from the front of the stole as found in a fine tie, so that the lining seam cannot creep around to the front of the stole and the whole thing will not twist or warp. These are designed to last a lifetime.